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FYE Common Reader (2012-2013): The Kite Runner: Study Guides and Questions

A guide for faculty and First Year Experience students on the common reader, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini

CliffsNotes Study Guide

[April 30, 2012]

GradeSaver Study Guide

[April 30, 2012]


Shmoop Study Guide

[April 30, 2012]

SparkNotes Study Guide

[April 30, 2012]

TheBestNotes Study Guide

[April 30, 2012]

WikiSummaries Study Guide

[April 30, 2012]


1.    What minority class was Hassan a member of?


2.    What was Hassan’s most noticeable physical characteristic?


3.    What Afghanistan city did Amir and Hassan grow up in?


4.    What one and only sin did Baba think all sins were a variation of?


5.    Who first welcomed the orphaned Ali into Baba and Amir’s home?


6.    According to Amir what things most connected him to his father?


7.    What dream did Hassan share with Amir on the morning of the first kite-flying tournament?


8.    What did Amir do when Assef raped Hassan?


9.    How did Amir compare Hassan’s face when he was raped by Assef?


10. What gift did Assef give to Amir on his 13th birthday party?


11. How did Baba die?


12. How did Ali die?


13. Who tried to commit suicide by drowning in a bathtub?


14. When did Amir see his father weep the first time?


15. How did Amir and his father leave Afghanistan?


16. Where did Baba work when he came to America?


17. How did Baba and Amir make extra money?


18. How did Amir break through Sohrab’s silence?


19. What year does Amir narrate the story?


20. How did Amir’s mother die?


21. What was Amir’s mother’s name?


22. What was Amir’s mother’s profession?


23. What key idea concept distinguishes Sunni and Shi’a Islam?


24. How was Amir and Hassan related?


25. How did Sanaubar treat Hassan when he was born?


26. What was Amir’s first word?


27. What was Hassan’s first word?


28. How did Amir learn about Hazara history


29. What was Baba’s opinion of the fundamentally religious?


30. What did Baba wrestle in Baluchistan?


31. What did Hosseini compare the arrival of war with?


32. What did Amir remember about happy times with Hassan?


33. What is a kite runner?


34. What is it that worries Baba about Amir?


35. How was Hassan’s physical deformity fixed?


36. Why do Baba and Amir leave Afghanistan?


37. Where do Baba and Amir end up in the United States?


38. Where does Amir meet Soraya?


39. When Baba was dying and Amir said he didn’t know how he would live without him,  what did Baba say?


40. What is the traditional way for an Afghan to propose marriage?


41. What does Rahim Khan say to Amir to convince him to go to Pakistan?


42. Why does Amir laugh when Assef beats him?


43. Why does Amir have difficulty adopting Sohrab?


44. What does Sohrab no longer do after he quits attempting suicide?


45. What does Amir decide to study in college?


46. What metaphor does Amir use to describe the importance of Sohrab smiling? 

47. What do the boys compare on the first day back at school after the winter break?

48  What country is the story of Amir's childhood set in?

49. Why does Amir go back to Pakistan?

50. What becomes reminders of how Amir betrayed Hassan?


**Questions taken from SparkNotes, GradeSaver, CliffsNote, Shmoop, TheBestNotes, FunTrivia** [May1, 2012]

Answers: 1. Hazaras  2. Cleft lip  3. Kabul  4. Theft  5. Amir’s grandfather  6. Kites  7.  Alleged monster  8. He runs  9. Sacrificial lamb  10. Biography of Hitler  11. Cancer  12. Land mind  13. Sohrab  14. Ali and Hassan leave his home  15. Sneaking out in a fuel truck tank  16. Gas station  17. Buying things from garage sales and selling them in a flea market  18. Take him to a park and fly a kite  19.  2002  20.  In childbirth  21. Sofia  22.  Teacher  23.  Caliphate  24.  Half-brothers  25. She rejected him.  26. Baba  27.  Amir  28. Secretly read a book  29. Thinks they are crazy  30. Grizzly bear  31. Innocence 32.  Flying kites  33. Someone who retrieves the losing kite of a kite battle.  34. A boy who can’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.  35. Baba pays for the surgery as a birthday gift.  36. Russian invasion has turned the country into a war zone.  37.  Fremont, CA  38.  Flea market  39.  He has been trying to teach him how to live without him  40.  Man’s father asks consent from the women’s father  41.  There is a way to be good again.  42.  He feels relief from his guilt.  43. Amir has no papers proving Sohrab’s parents are dead.  44. Speak  45. English  46.  When spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time.  47.  Kite fighting scars  48.  Afghanistan  49. To seek redemption – right his wrongs   50.  Kites