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Library Assignments for Critical Thinking and Information Literacy: Environment

This guide is for faculty looking for inspired ideas for assignments that use library resources to engage student critical thinking skills and information literacy.

Science Information Life Cycle Tutorial

Assignment Ideas

How is Knowledge Created?  Interview a scientist about their research—ask how they develop a thesis, find new information and communicate the results of their research.   

Popular vs Peer-Reviewed.  Find an article in a newspaper or popular magazine.  Find the original research, i.e. peer reviewed journal article on which the popular article was based.  Evaluate accuracy of the popular article.

Read a Scientific Article.  Explain the purpose of sections of the article:  introduction, methods and analysis. Discuss how the article meets the criteria of primary information source.

Research Proposal.   Identify a world problem to solve.  Conduct a literature review to include in your proposal.

Review Article.   Find a review article on a topic.   Follow the scientific literature and add new developments to update the review article.   

Research Log.  Keep a record of your research strategies, i.e. sources consulted, keywords, and revisions.  Document your results with an analysis of the effectiveness of your research methods.