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Resources for Faculty in Human Services, Psychology and Sociology: Distance Learning

Embedded Librarian Services

  • Adding a librarian as a course contact

  • Creating a general library discussion board or discussion boards on a specific assignment or topic like APA assistance

  • Creating Blackboard lessons on library research

  • Assisting in creating assessments on library related materials

  • Creating course specific or assignment specific online research guides (LibGuides)

  • Creating instructional videos or tutorials

  • Helping with linking to databases or specific articles or eBooks

  • Helping with database widgets 

Embedded Librarian Services for Distance Learners

From major universities to many state colleges like Indian River State College and St. Petersburg State College, librarians have taken an active role in providing library services to distance learners.  These services are often referred to as embedded or blended librarian services.  With your help the Library would like to bring this service to our distance learning students.  We hope that by adding these services your distance learning students will have access to the same level of assistance as any face-to-face student receives.   

The library's distance learning services can be tailored to your needs (see the menu of options to the left).  At a lower level, you can simply add the librarian's contact information and a library discussion board to your class as a resource for your students.  Librarians can also play a more active role in your classroom by creating instructional materials for research assignments or to review APA Style.  

We hope these services will make research assignments less of a burden not only for your students, but for you as the instructor as well.  Please contact me by email, phone, or in person if you are interested in incorporating these services into your online classroom.