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Resources for Faculty in Human Services, Psychology and Sociology: Sociology


SYG1230 American Minorities Today (AA)

SYG1251 Cross-Cultural Communication (AA)

SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology (AA)

SYG2010 American Social Problems (AA)

SYG2361 Death and Dying (AA)

SYG2430 Marriage and Family (AA) 


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Animal rights

Birth control


Child abuse -- United States

Child development

Children -- United States

Children with disabilities -- United States

Children's rights

Crime -- United States


Death -- Social aspects


Drug abuse -- United States

Economic assistance, Domestic -- United States

Emergency management


Family size

Family violence




Immigrants -- United States


Knowledge, Sociology of


Man-woman relationships


Minorities -- United States –

Older people -- United States

Older people -- United States

Parent and child


People with disabilities

Personality and culture





Public welfare

Race relations -- United States

Racism -- United States


Retirement -- United States

Secret societies

Sex crimes

Sex customs

Sex in marriage

Sex instruction for youth

Sex role

Single people


Social classes

Social groups

Social problems

Social psychology

Social Sciences -- Communities and Urban Planning

Social service -- United States

Social structure

Social values



Sociology, Rural

Substance abuse

Unmarried mothers



Young adults


Library of Congress Subject Headings

HM 1-299 General Sociology

10-121 Culture, Progress

126 Unity, Solidarity

131-134 Association, Mutuality, Social Groups

136-146 Individualism, Differentiation, Struggle

201-221 Social Elements, Forces, Laws

251-291 Social Psychology


HN 1-981 Social History, Problems, and Reform

30-40 The Church and Social Problems

41-46 Community Centers, Social Centers

251-291 By Region or Country


HQ 1-2039 The Family, Marriage, Woman

12-449 Sexual Life

19-30.7 Sexual Behavior and Attitudes, Sexuality

31-64 Sex Instruction and Sexual Ethics

71-72 Sexual Deviations

74 Bisexuality

75-76.8 Homosexuality, Lesbianism

77 Transvestism

77.7-77.9 Transsexualism

79 Sadism

101-440.7 Prostitution

447 Masturbation

449 Emasculation, Eunuchs, etc.

450-472 Erotica, Pornography

503-1064 The Family, Marriage, Home

750-755.5 Eugenics

755.7-759.92 Parents, Parenthood (including parent and child, husbands, fathers, wives, mothers)

760-767.7 Family Size, Birth Control, Abortion

767.8-792.2 Children, Child Development (including child rearing, child life, play, socialization, children's rights)

799.5-799.9 Young Men and Women

799.95-799.97 Adulthood

800-800.4 Single People

801-801.83 Man-Woman Relationships, Courtship, Dating

802 Matrimonial Bureaus, Marriage Brokers

802.5 Matrimonial Advertisements

803 Temporary Marriage, Trial Marriage, Companionate Marriage

804 Breach of Promise

805 Desertion

806 Adultery

809-809.3 Family Violence

811-960.7 Divorce

961-967 Free Love

981-996 Polygamy

997 Polyandry

998-999 Illegitimacy, Unmarried Mothers

1001-1043 The State and Marriage

1051-1057 The Church and Marriage

1058-1058.5 Widows and Widowers, Widowhood

1060-1064 Aged, Gerontology (Social Aspects), Retirement

1073-1073.5 Thanatology, Death, Dying

1075-1075.5 Sex Role

1088-1090.7 Men

1101-2030.7 Women, Feminism

1871-2030.7 Women's Clubs

2035-2039 Life Skills, Coping Skills, Everyday Living Skills

2042-2044 Life Style


HS 1-3369 Societies: Secret, Benevolent, etc.

101-330.7 Secret Societies

351-929 Freemasons

951-1179 Odd Fellows

1201-1350 Knights of Pythias

1355 Other Societies, A-Z

1501-2460.7 Other Societies, By Classes

1501-1510 Benevolent and "Friendly" Societies and Mutual Assessment Fraternities

1525-1560 Religious Societies

1601-2265 Race Societies

2275 Occupation Societies

2301-2460.7 Political and "Patriotic" Societies

2501-3369 Clubs and Societies for Special Classes (including boys' societies, Boy Scouts, girls' societies)


HT 51-1595 Cities, Communities, Races

51-65 Communities

101-395 Urban Groups, Urban Sociology, The City

161-165 Garden Cities, "The City Beautiful"

165.5-169.9 City Planning, Zoning

170-178 Urban Renewal, Urban Development

201-221 City Population (including children in cities, immigration)

231 Effect of City Life

251-265 Mental and Moral Life

281 Recreation, Amusements

321-325 The City as Economic Factor, City Promotion

330-334 Metropolitan Areas

351-352 Suburban Cities and Towns

361-384 Urbanization, City and Country

388 Regional Economics

390-395 Regional Planning

401-485 Rural Sociology

601-1445 Classes

621-635 Origin of Social Classes

641-657 Classes Arising from Birth

675-690 Classes Arising from Occupation

713-725 Caste System

731 Freedmen

751-815 Serfdom

851-1445 Slavery

1501-1595 Race (including race as a social group and race relations in general)


HV 1-9960 Social Service, Welfare, Criminology

40-69 Social Service, Social Work, Charities

70-72 State Regulation of Charities, Public Welfare Laws

85-525 By Region or Country

530 The Church and Charity

541 Women and Charities

544 Charity Fairs

544.5 International Social Work

547 Self-Help Groups

551.2-639 Emergency Management

553-639 Relief in Case of Disasters

560-583 Red Cross

599-639 Special Types of Disasters

640-645 Refugee Problems

650-670 Life Saving

675-677 Prevention of Accidents

680-696 Free Professional Services

697-4959 Protection, Assistance, Relief

697-1493 Special Clases, By Age

697-700.7 Families, Mothers, Widow's Pensions

701-1420.5 Children

835-847 Foundlings

873-887 Destitute, Neglected, and Abandoned Children

888-907 Handicapped Children

931-941 Fresh-Air Funds

959-1420.5 Orphanages, Orphans

1421-1441 Young Adults, Youth, Teenagers

1442-1448 Women

1449 Homosexuals

1450-1493 Aged

1551-3024 Handicapped (including blind, deaf, mentally handicapped, physically handicapped)

3025-3174 Special Classes, By Occupation

3025-3163 Seamen

3165-3173 Shop Women, Clerks, etc.

3174 Other, By Occupation A-Z

3176-3199 Special Classes, By Race or Ethnic Group

4005-4013 Immigrants

4023-4470.7 Poor In Cities, Slums

4480-4630 Mendicancy, Vagabondism, Tramps, Homelessness

4701-4959 Protection of Animals, Animal Rights, Animal Welfare

4961-4995 Degeneration

4997-5000 Substance Abuse

5001-5720.5 Alcoholism, Intemperance, Temperance Reform

5725-5770 Tobacco Habit

5800-5840 Drug Habits and Abuse

6001-7220.5 Criminology

7231-9960 Criminal Justice Administration


HX 1-970.7 Socialism, Communism, Utopias, Anarchism 

806-811 Utopias

821-970.7 Anarchism

Web sites

Professional Associations:

American Sociological Association

International Sociological Association

Rural Sociological Society

National Association of Social Workers

Society for the Study of Social Problems

Sociological Resources:

The SocioWeb -Your Independent Guide to Sociological Resources on the Internet

U.S. Census

A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace

Sociology Central

Mapping the Measure of America _ "this site uses a straightforward 10-point scale to measure the "well-being of America," which is defined by three major factors: health, education, and income.(Choice Reviews)".

MetroTrends, from the Urban Institute.- functions as a "report card" of current data indicators for metropolitan regions.

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