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Resources for Faculty in Human Services, Psychology and Sociology: Human Services

Subjects or Keywords

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Social Services Subjects or Keywords:

Older People        
Attitude to Death 


Social Groups                                                     

Intergroup Relations                                    

Interpersonal Relations
Social Adjustment
Social Service
Social Case Work
Public Welfare
Human Services
Social Work
Mental Health Services
Family Social Work
Substance Abuse
Drug Abuse
Drug Addiction
Problem Children
Educational Psychology
Youth Development
Youth Services

Social Work with Youth
Social Problems

Library of Congress Call #'s

Call Numbers in Human Services:

BF173-175.5 Psychoanalysis

BF712-724.85 Developmental psychology

HM401-1281 Sociology (General)

HM1106-1171 Interpersonal relations. Social behavior

HM701 Social systems

HM1001-1281 Social psychology

HM756-781 Community

HN1-995 Social history and conditions, social problems, social reform

HQ1-2044 The Family. Marriage. Women

HQ767.8-792.2 Children. Child development  Including child rearing, child life, play, socialization, children's rights

HQ1060-1064 Aged. Gerontology (Social aspects).

HQ1073-1073.5 Thanatology. Death. Dying


11 Social work schools, education, research methods

40-45 General work, group work, case work

91-95 US social welfare history, policy

640-645 Refugee problems

687 Social work in health care

689-699 Social work with families

700-713 Child abuse

741 Child welfare, general

875-883 Adoption, foster care

1442-1448 Women and social work

1449 Gays & lesbians

1450-1493 Social work and the elderly

1551-3024 Disability and social work

3176 Multicultural issues, cultural competence

4045 Poverty

4505 Homelessness and homeless persons

4998-5825 Drug abuse, alcoholism, substance abuse

6545 Suicide

6558-6626 Rape, violence against women, domestic violence

9000 Criminology, gangs, juvenile delinquency, prisons

HV697-4959 Protection, assistance and relief

HV5001-5720.5 Alcoholism. Intemperance. Temperance reform

HV5800-5840 Drug habits. Drug abuse

HV7428 Social work with delinquents and criminals

KF LAW, including legal issues in social work

LB3011-3095 School Management and Discipline

LB1050.9-1091 Educational Psychology

 RA PUBLIC HEALTH, including community mental health, home health care services


451 Mental health of specific populations, inc. elderly, racial & ethnic minorities

454 Abnormal psychology

480 Psychotherapy

488.5 Marital therapy, family therapy

489 Behavioral therapy

512-552 Psychoses & neuroses

554-569.5 Personality disorders & behavior problems, inc. sexual problems, drug abuse, suicide, child abuse

RJ 499-507 CHILD PSYCHIATRY, including mental disorders of children and adolescents