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APA Style Resource Center (6th EDITION): Business Reports

APA style of documenting and citing sources for college research, plus more.

Citing Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers

Type of source In text Reference page
Company Profile (Hoover's, 2018).

Hoover’s. (2018). Google Inc. [Company profile]. Retrieved from

Industry Profile (IBISWorld, 2018).

IBISWorld. (2018). Retail sector [Industry report]. Retrieved from

SWOT Analysis (MarketLine, 2018). 

MarketLine. (2018). Southwest Airlines Co. [SWOT]. Retrieved from

Stock Report (Zacks Investment Research, 2018).

Zacks Investment Research. (2018, April 23). Google Inc. [Stock report]. Retrieved from

SEC Filing (Apple Inc., 2017). 

Apple Inc. (2017, October 31). U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission form 10-K. Retrieved from