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Bachelor's Degree Resources: Information for Instructors

Resource materials available to students in any of our bachelor's degree programs.

Requesting New Library Materials

Click on subject links below for help finding resources to add to the library's collection (books, ebooks, journals, or databases) to support your research assignments. Already know what you need?  Click on request material link. 

Schedule a Library Instruction Session

Your students will greatly benefit from a library instruction, and so can you.  A session taught by one of our expert librarians can effectively reduce the amount of questions you need to field in reference to research and citations.  We generally teach a basic introduction to our library resources, catered to the subject of your class.  We can also do presentations on specific subjects, i.e. APA Style.  Our instructions can be tailored to you and your class's specific needs, so just let us know what you would like us to do.

Click on the link below to schedule an instruction with a librarian! 

I want to schedule a library instruction session for my class!

(If you are interested in a specific librarian, please include that person's name in the online form).