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Yamato Colony Students of Palm Beach Junior College: 1930s - 1960s

To honor and recognize the history and accomplishments of Japanese Americans at Florida's first public community college.

Franklin T. Kamiya

Member of first PBJC graduating class of 1936. First man to graduate from Palm Beach Junior College.  Continued his education at University of Florida. Yamato Colony family member.  Nephew of George Morikami.

Tomatsu "Tom" Kobayashi

Graduate of Central high school in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Attended PBJC 1948-1950. Yamato Colony family member. Son of Hideo Kobayashi who came to the Yamato Colony in 1907.

Shizuko "Suzy" Kamiya Erb

Attended PBJC 1960-62.

Co-ed Club; Collegiate Fellowship; Galleon Staff; Thi Del, Chaplain, Treasurer; Court of Beauty; Nursing graduate. 
Yamato Colony family member. Granddaughter of Henry Tamemasu Kamiya.

Henry Kamiya

PBJC freshman in 1962.  Yamato Colony family member. Grandson and namesake of Henry Tamemasu Kamiya.

After PBJC Kamiya served as a Boynton Beach firefighter and a Delray Beach life guard.