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Florida Civic Literacy Examination FCLE Resource Guide: Home

Information about Florida's Civic Literacy Requirement

Florida Civic Literacy Exam Resource Guide

Florida Civic Literacy Exam Resource Guide

The purpose of this guide is to answer questions about the Florida Civic Literacy Requirement.

The guide contains quizzes, flashcards, study guides, example exams, resources, study tips, and test preparation strategies for students seeking to fulfill this requirement through the Florida Civic Literacy Exam.

Taking the practice exam from the official Florida Department of Education FCLE will help assess what areas you still need to study to earn a passing score.

Students can check their Academic Degree Progress in WorkDay to see their status in completing the Requirement.

If you have questions or need additional help, please contact your Advisor, the Testing Center, or a Palm Beach State College Librarian.

Florida Civic Literacy Requirement Explained

FCLE Examination

Florida Civic Literacy Exam

The FCLE is a required test that assesses knowledge of civic literacy. The 2021 Legislature further amended Florida Statutes, requiring students to complete both a civic literacy course and an exam.

The FCLE is untimed and takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

FCLE passing score: 48 out of 80 (60%)

The exam includes 80 multiple-choice questions from the following four categories with 20 questions in each category.  

American Democracy

  • Understanding of the basic principles of American democracy and how they are applied in our republican form of government;

 United States Constitution 

  • Understanding of the U.S. Constitution and its application.

Founding Documents

  • Knowledge of the founding documents and how they have shaped the nature and functions of our institutions of self-governance.

Landmark Impact on Law and Society

  • Understanding of landmark Supreme Court cases and their impact on law and society.