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How to access The Wall Street Journal through a free subscription or through the library databases.

Activate Your Subscription

How do you activate your subscription?

  • Go to
  • Complete the registration using your PBSC email address.
  • Navigate to and login to verify your email address.

Already have a WSJ subscription?

  • Call 1-800-JOURNAL and mention that you are switching to a school-sponsored subscription.  (Partial refunds.)

How long does the subscription last?

  • Once registered, students have access until graduation.
  • Faculty and staff need to validate their membership once a year on our PBSC registration page.



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The Wall Street Journal

PBSC Libraries and The Wall Street Journal have partnered to provide a school-sponsored WSJ subscription to all Palm Beach State College students, faculty, and staff.  Through the partnership, subscribers will have full digital access via and the app, as well as a wide variety of curated content, from podcasts and newsletters to career insights and personal finance advice.

First, go to and create an account using your PBSC email.  After your account is activated, the next time you want to access The Wall Street Journal you can go to and log in, if necessary.  

Your subscription includes:

Mobile app

Download The Wall Street Journal app.  (iOS and Android)

After installing the app, log in with your Palm Beach State College email and the password you used when you first activated your account.

Database Access to The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal (ProQuest) - Full text coverage: 1984-current. 

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