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HSC1101 Contemporary Issues in Health: Home

Course Description: This course is designed to provide students with scientific information on many of today's important health related topics and issues.

Welcome to our LibGuide for HSC1101 course on Contemporary Health Issues.  The guide will familiarize students with the best tools for accessing timely and authoritative health-related information resources online and in print. 

Logging in to the Library

1.  Log in to PantherWeb. 

2. Click on the Library icon. 

While trying to access library resources, you might be asked for Borrower ID and pin.

What is your borrower ID?

  • Your borrower ID is the card number located on the back of your PantherCard. It begins with 24901... Do not use your Palm Beach State Student ID Number 

What is your pin?

  • Your pin is a four-digit code of your birth month and year.  So for example, you were born in March of 1995, your pin is 0395. 

Logging in to the Library Video

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