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Resources for Faculty in Education: General Information

Teacher Certification Program, Education

College Credit Certificate-

Degree Programs

Professional Development

Program Director: Susie Martinez-White

Teacher Certification Program

Teacher Certification Program 

Program Director - Jennifer Germano-

The Institute of Early Care and Afterschool Programs

Palm Beach State Lake Worth Campus Librarians

Reference Desk
Reference Librarians:
Pat Alvarez- 561-868-3696 
Douglas Cornwell- 561-868-3712 
Robert Krull- 561-868-3701 
Connie Tuisku-
Robbie Allen-561-3989

Library Hours

Monday – Thursday:
7:30am-5:00pm- 2nd floor
7:30-7:00pm – 3rd floor
10am – 3:00pm
Sunday: Closed



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