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Writing a research paper requires a number of skills, i.e. from developing the research question or problem, searching for evidence to support the thesis, to incorporating the information sources legally and ethically in the form of citations and proper quoting or paraphrasing. 

The tutorials, quizzes, and activities on each topic in the Academic Research and Writing Center willl help you master the skills needed to successfully complete a research project.  Use the topic tabs above to navigate through each subject.

To increase your library research skills, you may also use the ALERT library tutorial.


Research Companion

Research Companion (ProQuest) On Campus | Off Campus
Easy to use information literacy resource guides college students through research projects.  Nine sections present information through short videos and self-assessments to improve writing and research skills.

Academic Library Essential Research Tutorial (ALERT)


Academic Library Essential Research Tutorial (ALERT)

Upon completion of the ALERT library tutorial, you will be able to:

  1. To effectively select a topic for a research paper
  2. To refine the topic to something manageable for a particular research paper assignment
  3. To employ resources to find basic background information on the topic for the research paper assignment
  4. To choose information sources effectively in order to locate research resources
  5. To evaluate research resources effectively for quality and reliability
  6. Construct a research paper in APA format

Upon completion of ALERT, print out your certificate.

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