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Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico - History, Social Life and Customs

Puerto Rico History: Books in the College Library

Puerto Rico History: e-Books in the College Library

 Puerto Rico Social Life and Customs:  Books in the College Library

Puerto Rico - Map

For an interactive map, search Google Maps. Click on the above map and in the Search box type Puerto Rico. [9.15.2010]

    Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto

Puerto Rico La Isla del Encanto "Paradise, Beauty"

Text and video provided by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. ( September 6, 2010)

Report on Puerto Rico 1955 (Part 1)

Documentary filmed by the U.S. Government in 1955. Shows efforts to improve Puerto Rico's economy, mentioning the improved welfare of its people, growth of agriculture and industry and its tourist attractions.

The land, people and industrial production of P.R., especially as available for commercial exploitation by U.S. business. Shows landmarks, natural beauty and praises the stability of the democratic government of the Commonwealth. Alludes to Puerto Ricans fighting for independence.

[  Sept. 6, 2010]

Report on Puerto Rico (1955) Part 2

Puerto Rico - Flag

Puerto Rico - Seal