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Films on Demand Database: About

What is it?

More Information

  • Films are produced by a variety of sources like PBS, HistoryChannel, TedTalk, Nova, National Geographic, CBS, NBC, etc.

  • You need to be authenticated as a Palm Beach College Student/Staff to watch them off-campus

  • Searchable in our catalog by limiting to audiovisual materials

  • Also searchable by going directly to the Films on Demand pages

  • Films are divided by sections which are searchable as such, or you can access the entire film

  • On their Web page films are found by browsing the topics or searching by keyword

  • You can create an account and put films on a “playlist” or “favorites”

  • The films can be opened in “full screen”

  • There are films in other languages

  • You can read the transcript for each film

  • The films can be embedded in a course management system like Blackboard

  • There is a citation tool that would help cite the film in APA or MLA

  • On the page of a film you can find other subject related films

  • Some films are “closed captioned"

  • Films can be watched on electronic devices like IPads, IPods, Kindle Fires and Android Phones