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Cluster Meeting Agenda (October 9, 2012): Cluster Meeting Agenda

October 9, 2012

 cluster agenda

Wednesday, October 9, 2012

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Lake Worth Campus


ITEM  1.       Assessment Results for  Spring-Summer 2012 - Pat

                      [see page above]

ITEM  2.       Update of the Assessment Questions for Library Instruction- Rob 

                      [New Questions ]

ITEM  3.       The New Desk Tracker at Lake Worth- Rob 

                      [ LibGuide Being Used for Desk Tracker ]

ITEM  4.       Library Instruction Request Form- Doug


ITEM  5.       Discrepancy between Library Database List A-Z On Campus and the one Off-campus - Doug   

                        [see page above] [LibGuide]

ITEM  6.       Updates from the GEAC Committee - David and Connie

ITEM  7.       Update of the College Archives- Pat

                        [College Archive Page]

ITEM 8.        Miscellaneous Announcements